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Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Throw Support Behind Rep. Nekritz



Nekritz Announces Support from Prominent Business Organization

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Appreciates Leadership on Key Budget Issues to Encourage Growth


Date: Sept. 20, 2012

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Northbrook – Democratic State Rep. Elaine Nekritz today proudly announced she is being supported for re-election by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association as she pushes to reform government spending and the state’s ailing pension systems.

“I hear throughout the 57th House District how badly we need to bring jobs and smart business growth policies back to Illinois. We can go a long way toward that goal by getting our fiscal house in order in Springfield. I am proud to have the support of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association as I make my case for why I will help provide for a better tomorrow for Illinois,” Nekritz said. “I hope this support will show voters in my district that I am serious about turning our great potential into reality.”

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, the oldest and largest state manufacturing association in the United States, cited Nekritz’s leadership on pension reform as a key reason for why it is supporting her re-election bid.

Nekritz is chairwoman of the House Personnel and Pensions Committee and a member of the working group put together by the governor and legislative leaders earlier this year to recommend reforms for the massively underfunded state pension systems. Nekritz has proposed a number of viable solutions to the problem, and legislators could vote on those solutions in the fall veto session.

“Rep. Elaine Nekritz has assumed the mantle of leadership when it comes to reforming our underfunded pension systems and trying to balance the state budget,” said Mark Denzler, vice president and chief operating officer of the IMA. “Elaine is an outspoken advocate of reforming state spending because she understands that employers need fiscal stability and economic certainty from state government.”

The IMA also noted Nekritz’s strong advocacy for issues important to manufacturers: the research and development tax credit, the state’s enterprise zone program and worker’s compensation reforms. Those worker’s compensation rates have decreased nearly 10 percent since the reforms took effect a year ago, according to a national insurance council.

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