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Journal & Topics Endorsement: Nekritz For 57th State House

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Nekritz For 57th State House

In the 57th District, which encompasses a U-shaped area that stretches from Northbrook on the east to Palatine on the west, two very interesting and, we believe, outstanding contenders are fighting toe-to-toe for votes.

We believe, Nekritz is the better of the two and deserves to return to Springfield.

Nekritz, we feel, has grown to become a standout legislator who has shown courage and perseverance. Her work to shed light on the workings of government by leading the charge to amend the state’s antiquated Eavesdropping Law, was outstanding and an example of true public service. If reelected, look for Nekritz to become a leading voice for real pension reform after the first of the year and with hard work she could become a true future leader of the entire General Assembly, which could bring deserving benefits to her constituents.

Jonathan Greenberg is a likable and smart individual who has a pretty good grasp of the difficult issues facing the 55th and all of Illinois. Nekritz, however, we believe, is the superior candidate.

In two other House races, incumbent Republican State Rep. David Harris is being challenged by Democrat Carl Renz, an author and former real estate broker in the 53d District. Mr. Harris, we feel, deserves reelection. He has demonstrated an open-minded and easy-to-get-along attitude by working with Democrats. And his constituent services are exemplary. The 53d District includes a small portion of Des Plaines, northwest through Mt. Prospect and into Arlington Hts.

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