Elaine Nekritz
Nekritz Stands With 57th District for Safer Neighborhoods


Nekritz Stands With 57th District for Safer Neighborhoods

Brady PAC of Illinois Endorses Her to Promote Smart Gun Control Laws in Springfield

Date:  September 19, 2012

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Northbrook – Today, Democrat State Rep. Elaine Nekritz proudly accepted the full endorsement of Brady PAC of Illinois, the state’s largest gun control advocacy group.

“As I’m out walking and meeting so many constituents in the 57th District, I hear how parents want safe communities, and how they worry about their children playing in parks and at playgrounds where someone could be allowed to walk around with a gun. Today, I proudly stand with our district and oppose concealed carry in Illinois. We need better gun laws in our state, and as I receive the endorsement of Brady PAC Illinois, I will work to reach that goal,” Nekritz said.

Nekritz signed the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s statement of principle.  The statement asks candidates to endorse the principle that convicted felons, convicted domestic abusers, terrorists, and people found to be dangerously mentally ill should not be allowed to buy, own, or carry a gun.

“Too often, the pro-gun advocates make this a debate over gun rights. But it’s really a debate about safety and common-sense regulations that protect both the public and law-abiding gun owners,” Nekritz said. “Illinois is now the only state without concealed carry laws, and we expect that discussion to continue in 2013. I pledge to bring my district’s concerns to the table and fight to keep our neighborhoods safe because it’s what the residents of the 57th District want from their representative. Together, we will work for a safer, stronger Illinois.”

The Brady PAC of Illinois is Illinois largest gun control advocacy group and the local chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The national organization was originally founded by Illinois native and former White House Press Secretary, Jim Brady. Brady was rendered permanently disabled after taking a bullet during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.  The group advocates for stronger gun safety laws including the ban of military-style assault weapons, requiring background checks on gun sales, and strengthening law enforcement efforts to stop the illegal gun trade.  Brady PAC of Illinois backs candidates who support sensible gun laws.

“As a victim of gun violence, I am happy to endorse Elaine Nekritz for State Representative.  Elaine is clearly a woman of action and not platitudes,” said Tom Vanden Berk, Chairman of Brady PAC of Illinois.  “Too often, we only hear empty rhetoric from politicians. Elaine consistently stands up to the NRA lobby in Springfield and fights for common sense gun control laws.”

For more information, please reach the Nekritz campaign via e-mail at info@nekritznow.com


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